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Dolley Payne Madison Project Virginia Center for Digital History

Virginia Center for Digital History The Dolley Madison Project is a University of Virginia Research Project affiliated with

Project Staff:

  • Holly Cowan Shulman Editor in Chief

  • David B. Mattern Senior Editor

  • Kristin M. Celello, Laurie A. Hochstetler, Amy R. Minton Associate Editors

  • Victoria Scott Site Developer and Web Design Consultant

  • Kimberly A. Tryka VCDH Programmer and XML/XSL Developer

  • Kara A. Leonard, Natalie M. Mich, Kristen B. O'Conner, Jennifer M. Stone Editorial Assistants

Unless otherwise explicitly noted, all essays on this site have been written by Holly C. Shulman and/or David B. Mattern.

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