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Diary of Rev. William Bentley pastor of the East Church Salem Massachusetts

Image from the Diary of Rev William Bentley

PDF Version of Rev. Diary William Bentley (1759-1819) son of Joshua Bentley and Elizabeth Paine. American Unitarian minister, scholar, columnist, and diarist. He was ordained as a minister and became pastor of the Second Congregational Church in Salem, known as the East Church until his death. Biographical sketch, by J.G. Waters. Address on Dr. Bentley, by Marguerite Dalrymple. Bibliography, by Alice G. Waters.--Account of the East meeting-house, by J.G. Waters.--Diary of Dr. William Bentley, 1784-1792.--v. 2. 1793-1802.--v. 3. 1803-1810.--v. 4. 1811-1819 Credit: Library of Congress.

diary of Rev William Bentley
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