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DAR Letter Signed by Ellen Randolph Harrison Life, 1892

Letter written by Mary Harrison Leighton Shields (1844-1913) of Daughters of the American Revolution informing Ellen Randolph Harrison (1823-1896) on 5 March 1892 of her election as an Honorable Life Member of the Society. Letter is in the Pennsylvania Collection of Heritage Collectors' Society.

Mary Harrison Leighton Shields (1844-1913), daughter of Rev. John Leighton and Sarah Bainbridge Richardson. She married George Howell Shields Sr. (1842-1924), son of George W. Shields (1806-1880) and Martha Howell (1816-1890). Image credit: Missouri Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution.

Daughters of the American Revolution recognizes Hannibal's Mary Harrison Leighton Shields with special plaque. See

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