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Daguerreotype of Robert Adams The Lost Confederate Charleston Light Dragoons

Robert Adams (1832-1882)

This is from From Cowan Auction House Lot 36 American History Live Salesroom Auction 2015 There are more photos and family papers to view Auction

Robert Adams, the first cousin (once removed) of Lt. Colonel Warren Adams. Housed in full thermoplastic Union case with Holmes, Booth & Haydens' studio imprint in case behind image, although it cannot be confirmed that the case is original to the daguerreotype.

Robert Adams was born December 24, 1832, in the Lower Richland District of South Carolina. He was the son of Robert Adams and Charlotte Belton Pickett Adams (grandson of Joel Adams and first cousin to James H. Adams). Robert was married to Eveline McCord of Philadelphia, who was a great grandniece of Betsy Ross. He worked as a cotton planter prior to the Civil War.

Adams served in the Charleston Light Dragoons, of the 4th Regiment South Carolina Cavalry. He enlisted on April 10, 1861, and served in many engagements, finally being wounded and captured at the Battle of Old Church, VA, on May 30, 1864. Subsequently, he was held as a POW at Elmira, NY. Adams died May 12, 1882, at the age of 49 in Richland County, SC.

The Fourth Regiment was active primarily in the Eastern Theater of the War, serving in the Department of South Carolina, Georgia and Florida, under General P.G.T. Beauregard until it was transferred to the Army of Northern Virginia in March 1864. In January 1865, the 4th SC Cavalry was transferred to the Department of Tennessee and Georgia.

Robert Adams was the subject of the 2007 movie The Last Confederate, with descendants Julian Adams and Ambassador Weston Adams in starring roles.

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