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DADA Ladies of Chicago Daughters of the Revolution and Mayflower Descendants

Mrs. Amelia Weed Hopkins Dada. DAR #14781 Lineage Book, Volume 15 Daughters of the American Revolution Born in Pennsylvania. Wife of George Salmon Dada.

Descendant of Benjamin Weed and of Samuel Weed, of Connecticut; John Vredenburgh, Judge William John Vredenburgh, William John Vredenburgh, of New York, William Riddle, of Pennsylvania. Daughter of Harvey Howard Hamilton and Eva Josephine Hopkins, his wife. Granddaughter of John Richards Hopkins and Amelia M. Weed, his wife; James Wallace Hamilton and Elizabeth Bard Kurtz, his wife. Gr.-granddaughter of Walter Weed and Cornelia Vredenburgh, his wife; Rev. Daniel Campbell Hopkins and Martha Prentiss Richards, his wife; James Wallace Hamilton and Elenor Riddle, his wife. Gr.-gr.-granddaughter of Judge William John Vredenburgh and Elizabeth Townsend, his wife; Smith Weed and Mary Skelding, his wife; John Richards and Martha Prentiss, his wife; Samuel Hopkins and Elizabeth Houston (1754-1847), his wife (m. 1778); William Riddle and Martha McCorkle, his wife. Gr.-gr.-gr.-granddaughter of John Vredenburgh and Maryetje Van Wagenen, his wife; Benjamin Weed and Hannah Waterbury, his wife; Capt. John Prentiss and Sarah Christopher, his wife; William Houston and Nancy Hinman, his wife; Piatt Townsend and Maria Hubbard, his wife (m. 1760). Smith Weed, (1755-1839), volunteered in Tryon's invasion and was at the battle of Danbury, where he was wounded. He served in the Commissary during the Revolution. He was born at Stamford, Conn., and died at Albany, N. Y. His father was a member of the Committee of Safety and at the age of eighty was taken prisoner at Danbury.

William John Vredenburgh, (1760-1813), enlisted at seventeen in Capt. Peter Van Rensalaer's company, Col. James Livingston's regiment. He was born at New York City, and died at Skaneateles.

John Vredenburgh, (1730-94), served in the company of Grenadiers, 1775-6. Platt Townsend, (1733-1816), was examining surgeon for the army and navy. He was born and died on Long Island. Samuel Hopkins served in Capt. Hutchins company, 1777. He was taken prisoner and made his escape. He died in Salem, Washington county, N. Y. William Riddle served as a soldier, 1776-8, in Capt. James Gibson's company, Cumberland county militia. He received a grant of land at Port Royal, Pa., where he died. MRS. OLIVIA PAMELIA WELLS DADA DAR #33695 Lineage Book - National Society of the Daughters of the American Volume 34 Daughters of the American Revolution Born in Prattsburg, New York. Wife of Samuel N. Dada.

Descendant of Capt. Joseph Wells, Henry Wells, Elijah Taylor and Lieut. James Hulbert. Daughter of Ira Wells and Pamelia Taylor, his wife. Granddaughter of Henry Wells and Rebecca Collins, his wife; Elijah Taylor and Rachel Hulbert, his wife. Gr.-granddaughter of Joseph Wells and Thankful, his wife; James Hulbert and Eleanor Pomeroy, his wife. Joseph Wells, (1726-1817), commanded a company in the Cambridge regiment of New York militia. He was born in Hebron, Conn.; died in Cambridge, N. Y. Henry Wells, (1763-1829), served as a private in the Albany county militia. He was born in Cambridge, N. Y.; died in Wayne county.

Elijah Taylor, (1763-1841), enlisted in Capt. Job Alvord's company, 1780 in a regiment raised in Hampshire county. He was born in South Hadley, Mass.; died in Wayne Co., N. Y. James Hulbert, (1735-1824), served as lieutenant 1777 in Col. Elisha Porter's regiment which marched to Saratoga. He was born in Northampton, Mass., where he died.

Howard Harvey Hamilton of Chicago Ill., b. in McAllesterville Pa. May 7, 1850, learned the trade of typesetting and telegraphing, employed with P. r. r. co. as telegrapher many years, went to the Pa. and N. Y. r. r., was dept. supt. of telegraph in Sayre Pa., removed to Chicago 1885 (m. Oct. 1, 1874 Eva J. Hopkins, dau. of John Richard Hopkins, a pioneer abolitionist and underground r. r. to freedom man, son of Rev. Daniel*, Samuel*, David1 and James1, chief of pilgrims 1620, desc. of Elder William Brewster, she had 2 daus. viz.: Evelina Weed Hamilton and Amelia Weed Hopkins Hamilton, m. G. S. Dade); son of James Wallace Hamilton of Mifflintown Pa., b. in Juniata co. Pa. Dec. 15, 1822, held lieut. commission in civil war signed by Gov. Curtain Penn, was sheriff of Juniata co. (m. 1849 Elizabeth Bard Kurtz, b. Jan. 5, 1823, dau. of David Kurtz, b. Jan. 30, 1798, d. 1873, farmer, was one of 14 sons, had 5 sisters, m. Margaret Bard of Reading Pa., dau. of George Bard of Lancaster Pa., b. there Oct. 11, 1773, d. May 27, 1856, took oath of allegiance May 22, 1777, m. Elizabeth Swope, dau. of John Swope, b. 1747, son John, son of Yost Swope, coat of arms, son of George Philip and Margaret [Kitzmiller] Bard); son of James W. Hamilton of Port Royal Pa., b. in Edinburgh Scotland, soldier in rev. war, was sheriff, received a grant of land for services, served as highlander in war of 1812 (m. Eleanor Riddle, dau. of Capt. William Riddle 177678 of Port Royal and Martha McCardle, dau. of James McCardle of Germantown 1809, they had son stolen by the Indians and made a chief. From American Ancestry: Embracing lineages from the whole of the United States. 1888[-1898. Ed. by Frank Munsell

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