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Colonial Furniture of New England traced back to Pilgrim Ancestor Families

Updated: Aug 15, 2023

Thatcher family Cradle, Barnstable or Yarmouth, Mass., 1665–1685. Red oak, white pine. H. 32¾, W. 16⅝, D. 33½ inches. Courtesy, Historic New England; Gift of Dorothy Armour, Elizabeth T. Acampora, L. Hope Carter, Guido R. Perera, Henry C. Thacher, Louis B. Thacher Jr., and Thomas C. Thacher (1958.100). Photography by Peter Harholdt. "From the Cradle to the Grave: Privacy and Comfort in New England Bedrooms, 1675–1875."

PDF "Special Vernacular" Peter Eaton includes several colonial antiques one is the spindle-turned Hinckley family cradle. Provenance: Descended

in the husband’s family from Governor Hinckley of Barnstable. Made of oak and pine, probably in the third quarter of the seventeenth century, it is one of two American examples of this quality to have survived. The other is in the Winslow/Crocker House in Yarmouth, Massachusetts. see full article PDF "Specular Vernacular" by Peter Eaton

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Cradle, southeastern Massachusetts, 1660–1700. Oak and white pine. Dimensions not recorded. (Courtesy, Historic New England.) R. Ruthie Dibble Chipstone Foundation "The Hands that Rocked the Cradle: Interpretations in the Life of an Object"

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