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Clement C Littlefield: Americana Collector

A WALNUT Wardrobe, in the later Pennsylvania style. Owned by Mr. C. C. Littlefield of Newfields, New Hampshire. It is a large piece, nearly reaching a low ceiling. The construction of these cupboards, like that of the kas, is contrived with wedges and slots. Date: 1740-70. Furniture of the Pilgrim Century: 1620-1720, Including Colonial Utensils and Hardware

Thursday, March 25, 1915 Paper: Ann Arbor News (Ann Arbor, MI)

Bow-back Arm Windsor Condition: Fine and apparently original.

Date: Early. Occurrence: Extremely rare.

Merit: Very high for its type. The turnings are very good; possibly not so massive as the very earliest, but closely approaching them. The stretchers are the earliest sort. The knuckle is very handsomely carved. The seat is 84 inches high in front. The back 44 inches high. Peculiar in the feature of stopping the arms on the bow and having no arm rail to run around the chair. This of course adds to comfort by affording the long spring of the back spindles as in the side chair. The feature is shown in several instances in this book on fan-back arm chairs, but this is a rare feature in the bow back with arm and no arm rail. The method of construction, however, is not secure. The junction of bow and arm must be weak unless as elsewhere in this book the bow is enlarged to receive the arm. One also feels that nine back spindles instead of seven would materially enhance the chair's merit, for in that case the spindles could have been a little lighter. The arms also lack the grace of a ramp, and are almost straight.

Littlefield served as Selectman 1909 in Newfields. His antique shop was located at his residence. Clement C Littlefield m. Etta Dudley d.of S. Gunnison Dudley Samuel Littlefield and Olive Clark  C. C. son of Joseph Littlefield and Rebecca Edes; grandson of Elisha Littlefield and Phoebe Furbush M 2nd Abigail Folsom; (David Littlefield and Sarah Butland   M 2nd Sarah Sawyer. David Littlefield and Mary HillFrancis Littlefield and Meribah Wardwell.)

Friday, March 21, 1930 Paper: Boston Herald (Boston, MA)

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