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Captain William Hackett Old Time Skipper Defied a British War Ship

Captain William Hackett Portrait was in Boston Massachusetts Private Collection as noted in Boston Globe article June 1903

Trying to determine genealogy and authenticity of this handsome chap if he is indeed the brave sea fearing lad the article claims---Not sure but might be grandson of Captain William Hackett (1739-1808) son of Salisbury, Massachusetts settler, William Hackett and Elizabeth StevensHe was married in Salisbury on April 10, 1760 to " Nanny" Osgood, daughter of William Osgood and Sarah Jones. He was cousin to colonel John Hackett. Please post your input Thanks!

Hackett Family Papers Peabody Essex Museum Collection Some of the prominent names in William Hackett’s papers include Elias Hasket Derby (1739-1799), Richard Derby (1736-1781), Samuel Gardner (1712/3-1769), Weld Gardner (1745-1801), William Jeffrey ([1737-1772]), Elijah Morrill (1719-1767), Ezra Morrill (1741/2-1797), and Timothy Rogers ([1721]-1766).

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