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Captain Thomas Foulds Ellsworth Collection at the Pasadena Museum of History, California

Captain Thomas Foulds Ellsworth (1804-1911) was featured prominently in the exhibit, "When Johnny Came Marching West," that ran in 2015 at the Pasadena Museum of History. He was a commanding officer for 55th Massachusetts Colored Infantry during the Civil War. Ellsworth was awarded the medal of honor. “The President of the United States of America, in the name of Congress, takes pleasure in presenting the Medal of Honor to Captain (Infantry) Thomas Foulds Ellsworth, United States Army, for extraordinary heroism on 30 November 1864, while serving with Company B, 55th Massachusetts Colored Infantry, in action at Honey Hill, South Carolina. Under a heavy fire Captain Ellsworth carried his wounded commanding officer from the field.” Read more: Under a Heavy Fire: Lieutenant Thomas Ellsworth

Exhibit photo published with permission of Laura Verlaque, director of Collections Pasadena Museum of History

Every Memorial Day, Nick, the curator of the exhibit, and others have a ceremony for the many (a thousand came to Pasadena) Civil War Soldiers buried in the Mountain View Cemetery in Altadena where Thomas Foulds Ellsworth is buried.

Captain Thomas Foulds Ellsworth (1804-1911), son of Benjamin Noyes Ellsworth (1812-1902) and Laura Ann Titus (1810-1884), and his wife, Harriet "Hattie" Taylor Colby Ellsworth, and son, Elmer Ellsworth, at home on Orange Grove Avenue, Pasadena Calif.

Note: Other photos here were donated by me via Patti Clasen of California to the Museum of Old Newbury located in Newburyport, Massachusetts and are part of the Colby-Ellsworth Family Collection

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