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Billionaire Cortland Field Bishop comes to the rescue in 1923 Snow Storm

Cortlandt Field Bishop (1870-1935) son of David Wolfe Bishop (1833–1900) and and Florence Van Corltandt Field (1851–1922) was an collector, art dealer, author, aviator, balloonist, autoist, traveler, owner of Anderson Gallery, the American Art Association, and publisher of the Paris Times (American Newspaper in Paris). 

He was also an heir and an executor of estate of the art collector Catherine Lorillard Wolfe (1828–1887). Bishop, eccentric and worth billions....this tale is Priceless! On November 24, 1923 a massive snow storm hit Lenox, Massachusetts causing total chaos. According to The Boston Herald, the fierce blows from Jack Frost were no threat to Master Cortland and his fancy French tractor. He cleared the roadways, delivered the mail and rescued motorist.

Photo of Cortand Field Bishop from Lenox as a Resort 

Bishop's Home in Lenox, Massachusetts Photo from The Bishop Effect

Lenox Historical Society Photo of R-L Cortland Bishop and brother David "under the watchful eye of nanny." From what I read Corrtland was quite the daredevil and ruled the roads of Lenox.

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