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Americana Eagle coastal Massachusetts Ca. 1820-40

New England, possibly coastal Massachusetts Ca. 1820-40. Eastern white pine (by microanalysis) gesso and gilt. Condition: Old crack to the beak, reset. There are traces of other gilt surfaces and gold paint, most of which has been removed. The surface now shows most of the original gilt with some gesso showing through. Provenance: It was originally found in Newport, R.I. but according to family history it descended through a prominent Massachusetts family. This rare large-size carved eagle was probably intended for outdoor use as an ornamentation adorning the top of a building or lodge. The eagle, with its full body, swept back wings, pronounced talons, perched on a ball exhibits great presence.

Dimensions: 37"h x 29 1/2"w at wings 12 1/2"d More info at Jeffrey Tillou Antiques

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