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American Painter Lee Lufkin Kaula: The Tea Party

The Tea Party watercolor painted by Lee Lufkin Kaula in Essex, Massachusetts. Subjects Grace Manning Hart and Dorothy Endicott Hart. Paper note: "To my friend Mrs. Hart ---1905-Lee Lufkin Kaula--''The Tea Party'' This painting was put on exhibit and listed in "The Boston Art Club: exhibition record, 1873-1909" exhibit along with her Portrait of Josephine Preston Peabody, Across the Canal Hermine Margaret, Agnes Portrait of Mrs. W. and in "Record of the Carnegie Institute's International Exhibitions: 1896-1996" published 1999. Private Collection of C H Wood Hart

Lee Lufkin (1855-1957) and her husband William Jurian Kaula (1871-1953) spent summers in Essex, Massachusetts and St Johnsbury, Vermont. A 1905 newspaper clip noting the Essex studio of the artist.

The Hart family was acquainted with Lufkin and her family. The church record show the Hart and Lufkin family attended the same church in Essex. Below is from the First Congregational Church of Essex, Massachusetts records 1909.

Photo of Grace and Dorothy Hart who served as subject models for Lufkin. The photo was taken backyard of the Hart home in Essex, MA. Private Collection of C H Wood

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