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American Antiquarian Benjamin Bagnall wills dogs, diamonds, and rare antiques to couple

A photo taken 1926 of Fred Grauman of Wisconsin with a bulldog and Boston terrier willed to him by Benjamin Bagnall (1865-1866) antique collector.

According to the the Sheboygan Press Wisconsin Mr. and Mrs Fred Grauman inherited cash, a Buick Coach, a Ford Tudor Sedan, diamonds, and a slew of rare high prized antiques from Benjamin Bangnall, son of pioneer lumberman of Milwaukee Benjamin Bagnall SR. and Francis Adams.

In addition, Mr. Grauman was willed two pooches and a pet canary. The English Bull dog came from the kennels of Miss Lenore Cawker who rescued homeless dogs. The Boston terrier was a gift to Bagnall from Miss Cawker Christmas 1925. Bagnall set aside provisions for the pets and a trust for homeless dogs.

The residue of the estate and property is to be sold after the death of Benjamin's sister Mrs. Fannie Bagnall Fachutar and the receipts are to given to the St. John's home for Old Ladies in memory of his parents.

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