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A Brief History of Old Newbury Massachusetts by Bethany Groff

Bethany Groff is the author of A Brief History of Old Newbury (History Press), and the North Shore Regional Site Manager for Historic New England, where she is responsible for four early Newbury houses. She is also the chair of the Historic Sites Professional Affiliation Group of the New England Museum Association, and serves on the boards of the Newburyport Preservation Trust and the North of Boston CVB. She was the recipient of the Pioneer in Preservation Award from the Essex National Heritage Commission in 2005 and the North of Boston CVB Leadership Award in 2007. She has an MA in History from the University of Massachusetts, and has published articles in the New England Quarterly and Historic New England Magazine. Bethany lives in Newburyport with her husband and children. To Purchase Book or e-book See A Brief History of Old Newbury


To 1635 : pre-contact and exploration -- Arrival : first settlement, 1635 -- Working the land, gathering the church -- Autonomy : power over its own affairs -- The Passaconnaway Affair, 1642 -- Travel : roads and ferries -- Growth and change : a new town center, 1642-1646 -- Resettlement : land records from memory, 1646-1650 -- Civic order : keeping the peace -- Persecuting the Quakers -- Scandalous behavior -- Schism : Woodman v. Parker 1665-1675 -- King Philip's War and its aftermath -- The witch and the wizard, 1679 -- The port, Plum Island, and the poor -- Church and state -- Attack, 1695 -- Execution, 1701 -- Newbury militiamen in the field, 1700-1710 -- Dissenting dissenters : Anglican again -- Expansion and the great awakening -- Moses Titcomb at Louisburg, 1745 -- The end of an era : 1764 and after.

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