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4th of July Americana Image 1912 from Cabinet Card Gallery

This patriotic vintage postcard celebrates America’s 4th of July holiday. The postcard is chock full of action. A young girl runs with a lit firecracker in one hand and an American flag in the other hand. A firing cannon and exploding firecrackers add to the action. Unlit firecrackers creatively spell out the words “4th of July”. A 1912 postmark from Chicago, can be seen on the reverse of the card. The postcard offers wishes for a happy 4th of July, from one sister to another. The card is addressed to Pana, Illinois. Pana became incorporated in 1857. “Pana” is derived for the name of an American Indian tribe (Pawnee). In the late 19th and early 20th century the town became centered around the coal mining industry.

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