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17th Century Newbury Paternity Stories: The Coker Family Line

Court records from December 1641 state: “Robert Coaker of Newbury and Miriam [Moulton] Kinge of Hampton, New Hampshire, were presented for fornication.”

Miriam married Thomas King. Daughter Rachel (Coker is the father)

Robert Coker Married Catherine:

  • Sarah (married James Smith, son of Thomas Smith)

  • Hannah (married Daniel Lunt, son of Henry and Ann Lunt)

  • Benjamin, a ship carpenter (married Martha Perley, daughter of Allen Perley and Susanna Bokesen?)

  • Joseph (married Sarah Hathorne: daughter of Judge William Hathorne, the noted Quaker persecutor; and sister to Judge John Hathorne, who presided over the witch trials in Salem in 1692)

This was a 3 part series I did for Genealogy Bank

Links: Part One

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